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floor standing 55 inch LCD POP advertising shoe polishing clean machine

    55-inch shoeshine advertising machine parameters:

    Screen size: 55 inches.

    Display ratio: 16:9.

    Resolution: 1920*1080.

    Brightness: 450 CD / ㎡

    Visual Angle (L/R/U/D): 89/89/89/89.

    Contrast: 1200:1.

    Response time: 5ms.

    Power supply: 100W.

    Accessories: specification, remote control, adaptor, mounting screw,

    Code: NTSC/PAL/.

    Automatic VIDEO output: A/V, YUV, VGA, s-video.

    Video: support format: MPEG1/2/4, ASP, DIVX, WMV, AVI.

    Audio: support format: PCM encoding, MP3/WMA/AAC.

    Image: support format: JPGOSD language: Chinese, English (or multi-lingual)

    Text: single, double row running horse lantern scroll subtitle, full screen rolling subtitles.

    Interface: CF, USB2.0 (optional)

    Storage medium: CF card (standard configuration) /SD card /U disk.

    floor standing 55 inch LCD POP advertising shoe polishing clean machine

    Parameter :

    Product introduction

    1. Automatic cycle playback.

    2. Support the playback of JEPG, MP3, MP4, WMA, MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4, AVI file formats and compatible VCD, SVCD, DVD.

    3. The storage mode can choose CF, SD, MMC, MS and other storage CARDS or U disk and hard disk.

    4. Powerful timing playback function, can set up 5 sections every day, can set 7 days per week, and 24 hours of unmanaged play.

    5. Supported picture mode, music mode, video mode, mixed mode, timely information rolling subtitle mode, fixed time file playing mode and synchronous mode.

    6. The program is simple to replace. The user does not need to pull out the card, and the program is added through the usb flash drive, and the program is added and deleted directly through the remote control.

    7. Support power outage memory function and time display function, as well as horizontal/vertical screen play.