Nainuio Digital Intelligent Exhibition Hall welcomes the first group of VIPs with a brand new look!

After several months of devotion, Nainuo Digital Intelligent Exhibition Hall was renovated on January 8, 2019. The whole exhibition hall creates a brand new image of Nino, improves the sense of quality, conveys the international experience, and makes the Nainuo brand further continue and inheritance.

Nainuo Technology moved to Songgang New Industrial Park in September, 2018. At the beginning of the relocation, Mr. Han Wei, the chairman of the company, put forward the plan of building the exhibition hall for the design of the exhibition hall. Firstly, the exhibition hall is positioned to show Nainuo's past, present and future, so that visitors can understand Nainuo's past history and future development through the exhibition hall. As a supplier of commercial LCD solutions, Nainuo technology should make the new exhibition hall a perfect combination of digital display and artistic display. Digital Intelligent Exhibition Hall breaks through the stereotype of thinking and strengthens the advantages of regional science and technology, realizes the display of high-end technology and super strength of enterprises by participating, experiencing, interactive exhibits and assistant display means; secondly, the development history of Nainuo science and technology and Nainuo's future growth plan are presented in the image of corporate culture wall, so that visitors to the exhibition hall can understand the development culture of Nainuo and increase it. The cultural background of the exhibition hall; finally, the exhibition hall area is planned according to the product category, so that the overall structure of the exhibition hall is richer.

On January 10, 2018, the leaders of Jingkai District of Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, visited Nainuo, Shenzhen for exchange. The company leaders attached great importance to it and warmly welcomed and received it. Accompanied by the company leaders, Ningxiang Jingkai District leaders visited the Nainuo Science and Technology Exhibition Hall, the company's production workshop and the company's office environment. The products of Nainuo are highly recognized, and the intelligent digital exhibition hall of Nainuo is highly praised. The whole exhibition hall will display 55-inch 0.88 splicing screen 2*2, 65-inch 4K LCD splicing screen 2*2, advertising machine, touch-control integrated machine, and put 55-inch 3.5MM splicing screen 3*3 and 55-inch 1.8MM splicing screen 3*3 together to give customers an intuitive visual experience, in addition to introducing the latest LCD technology OLED open ultra-thin surface display screen. OLED is the latest display technology. It has infinite contrast and perfect black. Self-luminescent pixels can be turned on and off independently, showing perfect black, and no leakage phenomenon. It really realizes that black creates infinite contrast. In the aspect of color, OLED display screen has the best color, and self-luminous pixels can precisely restore color, making the display picture vivid and lifelike. From the perspective, OLED display has a wide perspective, from all angles, can maintain amazing results. At the same time, "flexible" and "thin" are its biggest highlights, greatly reducing the weight of easy installation and after-sales.