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The best LCD video wall systems. Seamless bezel display. Crystal-clear content. High quality and Full HD, 4K or impressive 8K

Key Features

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As a retailer, you constantly seek innovative ways to engage with your existing and potential customers to be loyal and regular buyers. An LCD video wall is an excellent customer engagement strategy.

See your message displayed bold, bright and big. Digital Signage’s LCD video wall systems are ideal for a demanding control room or a Digital Signage project.

The best LCD professional systems. Seamless bezel display. Crystal-clear content. High quality and Full HD, 4K or impressive 8K

Built with high quality and incredible colour depth and contrast, ENO Digital Signage delivers the best LCD video wall solutions in high-definition resolution in different panel sizes.

Get the best viewing experience of a stable working statue with our industrial LCD panel imported from Samsung and LG that supports 24*7 working hours.

Higher Viewing Angle and IPS technology

The professional video wall has a uniform video quality thanks to the viewing angle superior to conventional video walls, which allows you to show more vivid colours on the screen without distortions or image noise with the highest resolution on the market in the United Arab Emirates. IPS panel technology enables higher performance on liquid crystal displays, allowing the screen to be viewed from any angle.

The ENO video wall includes special software direct from the factory that improves the image by reducing the gaps between screens when playing digital content.

This product has a perfect display for traffic and security control centres, broadcasting of sporting events and many more professional applications in the market’s most advanced video wall technology.

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Projects for the professional LCD video wall. 

Professional LCD video wall screens allow you to create powerful video areas in spectacular 2K, 4K and even 8K Ultra High Definition.

Signage and Digital Architecture: Museums, Shops, Hotels or Shopping Centers

Small and large businesses can deliver video content in their workspaces that will surprise their clients. Our Video walls have the best visual quality, impressive fluidity, colour and definition with the highest standards in the audiovisual industry.

Audiovisual projects, no matter how big they are:

Connect as many displays in series as your project needs. The powerful hardware perfectly synchronises the contents that will dance across the screens in front of your eyes.

The highest technology in professional LCD screens, in FullHD, 4K and 8K resolutions with an industrial structure.

We have with us the best video wall in the market of Dubai and all the United Arab Emirates.

Digital Signage in meeting rooms and business rooms.

ENO manufactures the best Video wall with high connectivity, perfect for meeting rooms and conference areas.

You will be able to create audiovisual connectivity projects that inspire and improve the productivity of clients and employees of companies throughout the Middle East.

Audiovisual projects for traffic control, security and transport centres.

ENO Digital Signage manufactures Video walls and video processing technology. You will be able to develop large screen and video wall projects for control centres of all kinds.

ENO has extensive experience collaborating with our clients on official and private projects.

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LCD Video Wall Configurations

  • Inches: 46″, 49″, 55″ and 65″ (New)
  • Brightness: 450 nits, 500 nits and 700 nits
  • Resolution: 1,920 x 1080 (Full HD). Optional 4K and 8K resolution
  • Bezel: 1.7mm, 3.9mm and 5.5mm


Key Features

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FAQ - Video Wall

What is the difference between the professional LCD Videowall and a standard television?

Our product is designed for industrial use and differs significantly from standard televisions. Standard technology allows power-on periods for a limited time, while the professional LCD allows 24/7 service without loss of performance.

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