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ENO is the leading manufacturer of interactive digital kiosks based in Dubai specializing in professional DOOH advertising.

ENO’s digital kiosks have the slimmest and most stylish designs available on the market. Take advantage of the best prices for DOOH advertising management. ENO Digital Signage is a leading manufacturer/supplier company of interactive digital kiosks in the United Arab Emirates.

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Outdoor Slim Kiosk

Outdoor Slim Kiosk

We create a digital signage slim kiosk with an ultra-thin design and high brightness LCD screen. It is unique in Dubaí and the whole Middle East.

Outdoor Digital Kiosk

Outdoor Digital Kiosk

ENO Digital Signage offers a diverse variety of models available in a range of Free-Standing Kioskincluding stores, and public displays.

Digital Interactive Kiosk

Digital Interactive Kiosk

We are manufacturers of indoor digital interactive kiosks with the best image quality in FullHD or 4K and the most stylish design on the market.

High brightness professional LCD screens:

Extreme Dustproof Protection:

High-resistance glass with an anti-glare surface prepared for touchscreen systems:

High-quality electronic components.

Easy to install and use:

Exceptional temperature control for extreme environments for the outdoor version with high temperatures.

Light structure and stylish design.

Wide range Portfolio of retail Digital Kiosk with the best price.

World class design and advanced technology for interactive digital kiosks

Digital Kiosks in both indoor and outdoor versions

Frequently Asked Questions of Digital Kiosk.
  • Please note that standard TVs are created for home use only, so they are not recommended for use in signage projects. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.
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May 22, 2024
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